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Mountain project soundworks

Soundscape compositions

A soundscape is our auditory relationship to our environment. It is the interconnection between all that happens around us, and how we perceive and understand it. The aims of a soundscape composition are to articulate the particularity of a place and the composer’s sense of the place, to reveal the meanings of the sounds and to let the listener take part in an imaginary journey. The concept of soundscape derives from Murray Schafer (1994).

In Shelter

This soundscape composition is a short story of a day and a night inside the shelter. It is about sensory satisfaction and the fulfillment of basic needs.

The soundscape composition Mountain Sounds has three sections: winter, winds, snow and ice; stones, boulders and rockeries, and various sounds of water. (There were four channels for six loudspeakers, including sub. This is the stereo track version. It was part of the After the fact installation.

Mountain sounds

Audio documentaries

Audio documentaries include a human voice and moments of real life in which the story unfolds. They are built on research and aim to represent and articulate real life. Audio documentaries invite a focus on context, meaning and argument, and on emotions and affect of a particular situation or place.

These audio documentaries were recorded at Hallingskarvet mountain range in March 2013. They tell the story about the experience of doing fieldwork in the winter mountain and reflections on what the photographs do not reveal.

Audio documentaries

This is about the vicissitudes of the practice of field recordings in the winter mountain.

In this one, I reflect on the limitations of visual recordings for communicating experiences of the winter mountain.

Selected soundclips

Selected soundclips

This is a selection of sound clips recorded at Tvergasteinstjørnet 2009 – 2015 which I referred to in my Ph.D. 

0.00 Walking on wetland

0.18 Raven

0.36 Walking inside

1.21 Waves on lake

2.14 Roofing felt in wind

3.04 Roofing plastic in wind

4.05 Wind recorded from inside

5.19 Wind: Stereo track of wind. Omni

6.38 Wind: Stereo track of wind. Direct

7.57 Wind: Stereo track of wind. Røde-NT4

0.00 Inside scree   

0.47 Over scree

1.34 Handling noise walking in wind

2.19 Wooden wall by metal pipes

3.05 Trembling stonewall

4.04 Air bubbles in melting ice

5.11 Stick, skis and ice

5.53 Wind - three stereo channels converted to one

6.39 The recording of the sheep

7.52 Naked feet on melting snow

8.30 Falling camera

8.46 Water under thin ice

Trembling stonewall

0.00 Rain on ground

1.00 Throwing stones into wet moss

1.52 The buzz

2.38 Walking on scree

3.17 Foreground noise

4.06 Whistling microphone

4.59 Airplane over the mountain

7.04 Storm recorded inside

8.33 Walking on hard snow

9.18 Water under snow

9.49 Time series photography

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