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Mountain project photographs


Seasons and weather

Nature Beyond Culture 

I presented the Nature beyond culture installation at the Engaging tactics at Goldsmiths in April 2012 and at the IUAES conference in Manchester in August 2013. In addition to the photographs shown here, the installation included the videos Winter Winds and Nature Love / Mountain Lady, the soundscape composition In Shelter, and the sound clip Trembling Stonewall.


Audio documentary photographs

Field recording photographs

I made these photographs and the recordings for the audiodocumentaries on field recording in March 2013. Together, they tell the story about the experience of doing fieldwork in the winter mountain. 

After The Fact photographs

After the fact photographs

After The Fact was a collaborative installation and exhibition in Kulturhuset Banken at Lillehammer in June 2016. My contribution was the video Joys of Cracking, the soundscape composition Mountain Sounds and these photographs.

The other contributors to the After the Fact installation in Kulturhuset Banken at Lillehammer in June 2016 were the artist Caroline Ho-Bich-Tuyen Dang, sculptor Egil Martin Kurdøl, sound artist Kjell Samkopf and cinematographer Kjell Vassdal.

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