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Mountain project



The research project ´Nature, wilderness and ecological awareness: Experience, exploration and the creation of audiovisual artworks of a mountain´ consists, in addition to a thesis, of a series of audiovisual artworks recorded by the tarn Tvergasteintjørn at Hallingskarvet mountain range in Norway. The aim is to evoke apprehension of the mountain with its complex, rhythmic interplay of living forces. As such, the project is a quest for the real.

There are tensions and challenges in my work. On one hand, the mountain and the weather are beyond human culture and its control. They exist independent on our existence, presence and perception. What we experience depends on what happens in the interplay between its forces and how our bodies are situated and exposed. On the other hand, our experience depends on our sensibility, which develops through time and repetition. In this sense, embodied and existential experience of the mountain are physical and personal and in continuous change.

Mountains are complex and dynamic; experiences are multisensory and the challenge of the project is to express and communicate the mountain and mountain experiences via audiovisual media. I use the practice of field recording as a way of engagement and immersion. I use recording technology as tools of exploration and awareness, not only for collection of raw material for production of artworks.

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